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The problem of a siloed data ecosystem, where businesess maintain data about individuals, is that it is insecure, fragmented, unequal, inefficient & undermines the potential to derive public good from the ‘private data’

The challenge is to create a privacy-preserving “data commons” that is safe, accurate, fair & dynamic, allowing real-time analysis & targeted action

A non-persistent public facing, unique digital identity, signed with a trademarked ^ (carat or hat) symbol, that prevents linkability & promotes very granular sharing. A bridge to enable users to engage with emerging technologies and businesses without the fear of exploitation or commoditization

How does aka work?

aka is your app that controls how your personal data is shared friends and businesses alike.A business site like this one has an aka that you will automatically follow when you sign into this store. The information in this store can then use the data that you choose to share. This could be used for adjusting how a site offers products to you or marketing campaigns. You can choose whether to add or remove this information from the online store

What is businessbook?

Business book is the portal used by the online store to create an account and access the api keys to allow the online store to securely receive personal information from a persons aka

Where is my personal data stored?

Personal data will be stored on an individuals handset using the aka app.

How can I stop sharing data with a connection?

Unfollow the business using your app, or change what data is shared with the business using the app

What benefit does the business get from my personal information?

The business can provide a more tailored experience based on your preferences. With the individual as the contoller of this information, it allows the business to avoid a number of elements of GDPR privacy requirements around the storing of such information.

Can I be completely anonymous?

Withn aka there will be the possibility to use a 'burner' email address or a rotational aka username

What is personal data layering?

There are many data points related to a person that firms may beenfit from having access to, and an individual may benefit from sharing. The core personal data (contact details, DOB etc) remains consistent across all industries. By layering this data a person can provide a specfic layer of personal data that is most useful for that industry. Retail for example would be interested in shoe size and other information. Whereas healthcare firms may benefit from receiving more granular personal data.

Can I share age range for example instead of actual age?

Yes. You can choose how granular the information is that you share. Share, dont share or share a little without being specific is up to you